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water theme park electric paddle boat for sale

water theme park electric paddle boat for sale

  • Model: PB02Z
  • Materials: fiberglass steel
  • Load: 4 riders
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Power: 8kw
  • MOQ: 1pc
  • Warranty: 1 years

Electric paddle boat is a kind of popular water ride in the amusement parks, we also call it pedalo. It is widely used for amusement park and water activities.

Electric paddle boats is a kind of small or large in size human-powered watercraft which controlled by some paddle wheels. Some people often call it the hand paddle boats, because at first, these pedalos are all human-powered. But now there appear many kinds of paddle boats, for example, electric and gas powered pedalos. These paddle boats often appears in different shape, like swans, ducks, these shapes are more attractive to kids. Nowadays, electric paddle boat has been an iconic attraction in the tourist attractions. We can say that where there is river and pond, there is electric pedal boat.

The electric paddle boats have a good material. The boats are used the FRP which refers to the fiberglass reinforced, this mainly consist of fiberglass, carbon, hybrid and other fabric reinforced plastic.

Electric paddle boat

The electric paddle boats are big market in amusement rides. With the summer coming to, a lot of people pay more attention to the electric paddle boats. The kids and adults ride boats to enjoy themselves. In general, electric paddle boat is a kind of water ride, so you need to consider the safe. You must be careful when you ride the electric paddle boats. Firstly, the security for the boat is needed, and life jacket should also be prepared. Second, anti-slip measures should be set when the electric boats needs to land. At last capacity of electric paddle boat is fixed, just like other pedal boats, park owners should never made the boats over-load. So those measures can ensure the safety of riders.

The capacity of electric paddle boats are different in amusement rides. So there are various kinds for the electric paddle boats. It includes 2 people paddle boats, 4 people paddle boats, 5 people paddle boats, small electric paddle boats. Those kinds of paddle boats attract kids and adults. At the same time riding electric paddle boats is a thrilling. Riding the paddle boat can enjoy much happy for you.