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water bike for sale philippines

water bike for sale philippines

  • Model: WB02H
  • Materials: fiberglass steel
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Power: 4kw
  • Load: 2 riders
  • MOQ: 1pc
  • Warranty: 1 years

Water bike is a hot sale amusement ride in water theme park. With the temperature rising the water bike is more and more popular. You can feel the cool when you ride the water bike in water theme park.

The water bikes are divided three varieties in amusement rides. There are single water bikes, double water bikes, the last one water bikes are used 3 riders at one time. One is the water bicycles for sale, this means the bike that has 2 wheels in general, and one bicycle usually prepared for one person. But it could choose the single water bicycles, double water bicycles or even trio water paddle bicycles for consumers. The other one is the water tricycles for sale: this means the bike has 3 wheels, and usually one tricycle could take 2 people in the same time, some of the tricycle will be equipped with a shed to prevent passengers from sunburn, because most of likes riding water paddle tricycles in summer. There are some fearures for water bikes in amusement park.

Water bike

The water bikes are Stable. Three floats for two seat water bicycles makes the bicycle more stable than the traditional ship. High seakeeping performance which make it could operate stable in the 2 meter high waves. The speed is fast, combination between chain and gear greatly increased the speed of water bicycles. This add up more entertaining atmospheres for people in the water. rust and corrosion, sealed gear box and all of the water bicycle parts are dealed with rust and corrosion process. That’ s why these water bicycles could fun on the fresh and sea water. One meter shadow water is enough for the water bicycle. When hit an obstacle, the propeller will automatically lift, so it is hard to damage. At the same time artificial foot propeller drive system will protect the environment and never disturb the animals in water, so it is also a kind of ride that could be used for fishing. Water bikes are popular with family who want make much fun.

Water peddle bikes are used on the water. It is a new kind of amusement ride. During the hot summer, people always want to stay with water, paddle boats, bumper boats, all those boats are popular among them,but the water bikes are more attractive rides for people.