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new amusement ride for sale

new amusement ride for sale

New amusement rides not only refers to the rides are made for the first time, they are not second hand. And new amusement rides are a high quality and excellent technology. New amusement rides are on a sale. So new amusement ride is popular.

New carousel ride, there are various types of new carousel rides according to the specification, and you can find 3 seats, 6 seats, 12 seats, 16 seats, 22 seats, 24 seats, 36 seats, 48 seats and 58 seats. The fairground rides can be customized as different themes to meet the demands of different customer, and the most popular is different kinds and sizes of carousel horses. What’ s more, the fairground carousel rides are always the combination of classic carousel horses and the popular cartoon characters which are welcomed by many children, such as ocean animals, fairy tale, underwater, Disney, Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf other cute animals. Three choices may available for you: simple carousel rides, semi-luxury carousel rides and grand carousel rides. And the difference between the semi-grand and grand carousel fairground rides is the beautiful degree of the appearance.

New bumper car, it includes two kinds of bumper car. New inflatable electric and battery power bumper car. These new bumper car is made of a high quality and excellent technology. One is battery powered, and one is electric powered. Mini, medium and large size inflated bumper cars are available. Around the car bodies, there are lots of led lights, when the car is working, these lights will shining. Inflatable bumper cars are widely used in the funfair and other outdoor and indoor playground. One of the most popular reason is that this types is light, cheap and they can be inflated in a short time. When these equipment has done their business, people could deflated these cars and then carry them indoor easily. These new bumper cars are convenient than the electric bumper cars. One of most popular electric bumper car with two person model. This model is also popular in amusement park. The UFO bumper car is unique to appearance. Mainly designed for toddlers or small children. One kids can be seated which is different from other new bumper cars. Two led lights will be added to the right and left. Seat belt will protect kids and keep them sitting in the car.