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jumping trampoline for toddlers

jumping trampoline for toddlers

Trampolines are a great way for kids to get out some energy, and most kids will spend much time jumping on a new trampoline! They are great for outdoors during the summer, and indoors during the colder fall and winter months.

Not only are they great fun, but physical and occupational therapists use trampolines to provide children with proprioceptive input, encourage rhythmic bouncing, build strength, and get them engaged in a fun whole-body activity!

There are many different jump trampolines. Some designed for toddlers ages 2-3 or so, and others designed for bigger kids aged 4-7 or so. There are also much larger ones for bigger kids aged 8. These model jumping trampoline are popular although these jumping trampoline are suitable different ages.

The toddler trampolines usually are smaller, provide less of an elevated bounce, and have an attached handlebar with padding to ease kids into learning how to bounce on their own. These are very low to the ground usually 4-6, usually have a weight capacity under 80 pounds, and use either springs or bungee cords to hold the jumping surface onto the frame. Our boys have never fallen off one of these, even in the beginning, and they are not the most coordinated boys in the world! But they have succeeded in bouncing the trampoline into oblivion and breaking the bungee support cords, and we will talk about this issue when we review individual units below. The toddler versions, because of their smaller size, are perfect for a play room, basement, or living room.

The big kid trampoline includes safety netting attached to the inside of the springs, a slightly larger and bouncy jumping surface, and is a bit higher off the ground. These usually have a weight capacity between 100-120 pounds, and kids can jump quite a bit higher than on a toddler trampoline. They are a good option before stepping up to a larger and more dangerous trampoline that allows kids to bounce too high for their own good. They are also still small enough to fit inside if you have a good space with high ceilings. As trampolines get larger than these, they are too big for in the house and are left outside to ride.