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inflatable bumper car

inflatable bumper car

  • Model: BNEB-I3
  • Materials: FRP
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Power: 2kw
  • Load: 1 riders
  • MOQ: 1pc
  • Warranty: 1 years

Nowadays, inflatable bumper cars are more and more popular. inflatable bumper cars are regarded as new type amusement rides, it gets more attention to kids and family.

Inflatable bumper Cars Ride is a high-tech amusement equipment with attractive appearance, excellent performance, and participate in sense, moving in with high-fidelity audio system and lights, make it fun, intelligent motor control system can better protect and extend the life of the battery. Tourists driving warships movement around through the steering wheel, the car is equipped with a laser gun or water gun, tourists can shoot each other, when one party is by another party, The hull will be gushing water from each location.

The inflatable bumper car amusement ride is usually to enjoy your time and effort in a kind of boat that lets you bump into others. This will be especially fun for kids who want to smack inside their family. Naturally, this kind of ride is perfectly safe and it will surely not cause any serious injury to either the little one or even the parent. The ride is locked in a water type tank that is simply a couple of feet deep. The participants jump inside their personal water bumper car. Water bumper car is controlled by way of a steering wheel and it is powered from a small outboard motor.

inflatable bumper cars

At the same time can also shoot set up on the surface of the mine, when shooting in the mines, mine are emitting more than three meters high fountain of explosion noise at the same time.

The inflatable bumper car ride is much like the conventional bumper car ride that everybody has grown to love. There are lots of standard bumper car rides in amusement parks all over the world. These type of rides have seen to have long lineups throughout the operating hours from the theme park. Children spanning various ages love to be on these kind of rides because they are fun and exciting. Parents enjoy putting their children on these type of rides because they are safe.

There is also a great opportunity with these rides for everyone who is thinking about beginning an theme park. There are many outdoor amusement parks which may have proven to be extremely successful. Several of these successful outdoor amusement parks have only a few specific rides. Sometimes they could have a go-kart ride, a carousel, as well as a water bumper car ride. With only three various kinds of theme park rides you may operate a successful outdoor or indoor amusement park.