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high quality mini frisbee ride for sale

high quality mini frisbee ride for sale

  • Model: MBP07
  • Materials: fiberglass steel
  • Load: 6 persons
  • Warranty: 1 years
  • Voltage: 380 v
  • Power: 10 kw
  • MOQ: 1pc

The mini frisbee is a kiddie ride in amusement park. The mini frisbee ride is a great popularity in funfair, amusement park, and carnival. And the mini frisbee ride is very attractive to kids.

The mini frisbee ride, also called mini pendulum ride, is the scaled-down model of the frisbee ride for adults and mainly suitable for many children as well as the young people. The rides are equipped with the circular gondola and the circular gondola rotates as it swings back and forth. The circular gondola can bob up and down to 90 or 120 degree, sometimes, even 360 degree. Riders on the mini pendulum ride which is in high speed rotary pendulum swings on reciprocating, can not help out with laughter exclaimed and have a strong centrifugal feeling. Sometimes, riders can have the feeling of weightlessness. The mini pendulum ride is truly a popular funfair rides and welcomed by many visitors in the parks.

The mini frisbee

The frisbee ride is one of the most thrill and popular pendulum amusement rides for carnivals, parks, fairground and family entertainment centers. The ride also called spinning pendulum ride, It is made of super thicker Steel and Fiber Reinforce Plastic, assembled with automatic shoulder restraint and restraining belt for chairs. All of these make our pendulum totally attractive, thrill and safety.

The mini frisbee ride is composed of support frames, suspension gear, pendulum gondola, drive system and electrical control system. Main part of spinning frisbee ride is truss structure. Primary transmission method of frisbee ride is that the motor drives slewing bearing to realize non-uniform rotation. Thus the motor can make flexible tracking for the swinging of frisbee ride. The pendulum ride is provided with complete electric cabinet and ancillary apparatus. The former is installed with control circuit, bell-push button of actuating device, it is easy to operate and maintain. The frisbee ride safety device is set with safety press restraint, safety belt and cockpit locking device and so on.

Mini frisbee ride is used widely for the amusement park, funfair gound, water theme park, and carnival. Frisbee ride is very popular with people. Especially it is a thrilling rides. You can experience the interest and excitement when you ride the mini frisbee. Riding mini frisbee will bring much fun for kids.