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high quality ferris wheel direct sale 2017

high quality ferris wheel direct sale 2017

  • Model: MFW-12
  • Materials: FRP+steel
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Power: 12kw
  • Load: 128 riders
  • MOQ: 1pc
  • Warranty: 1 years

Ferris wheel is recognized widely the most popular amusement ride in amusement park. There are different types ferris wheels. It includes the mini ferris wheel and giant ferris wheel. And those amusement rides ferris wheel are popular in amusement park. Amusement ride ferris wheel is applied to amusement park, theme park, and funfair.

The ferris wheel, sometimes, is also called a big wheel, observation wheel or giant wheel, which is one of the most popular amusement rides in many large amusement parks. And the ferris wheel rides are no building structure that consisting of a rotating upright wheel with multiple gondolas that can carry many passengers. The gondolas of ferris wheel is attached to the rim in such a way that as the wheel turns, they are kept upright, usually by gravity. Ferris wheel is vertical to ground. The total height of ferris wheel ride is 20m. The main components of the ferris wheel are made of Fiber Reinforce Plastic and stainless steel, which makes the rides high quality, environmental friendly and low maintenance. The rotation of ferris wheel is driven by electric control system. Riders on the big wheel goes higher with the wheel turns. In this way, riders can enjoy the remote beautiful scene from high.

Ferris wheel

Ferris wheels are suitable for all age groups and all family members can ride on ferris wheel for sale to see the nice landscape from its height. Each ferris wheel can be decorated with the special themes according to your requirements. Besides, the wheel also can be equipped with the special LED lights, which looks very beautiful in the night. What’ s more, the wheel dimension and the gondolas of the wheel can be customized to meet the different demands of customers.

This amusement ride is usually small in size compared to giant ferris wheel. The vehicle ride with several baskets rotates 360 degrees around the horizontal axis in the circular orbit for vertical movement as if through time and space. As you know, ferris wheel, roller coaster and merry go round are collectively referred to as “Three Treasures In Paradise”. Especially mini ferris wheel for sale, or observation wheel for sale, due to its observation property and height advantage, it is preferred by the folk who seek stimulus. Riders slowly rise high into the air along with the ascending cabins and look the downward scenery, just like a bird flying in the sky. Riding the ferris wheel is filled with excitement.