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giant ferris wheel with lower price

giant ferris wheel with lower price

  • Model: giant ferris wheel
  • Materials: fiberglass steel
  • Voltage: 380 V
  • Warranty: 1 years
  • Customization: Custom-buit products are acceptable
  • MOQ: 1pc

Giant ferris wheel is very popular in amusement park. The ferris wheel is a high quality and excellent technology. And the giant ferris wheel is widely used in funfair, theme park, carnival, and amusement park.

Ferris wheel can be divided into a mini ferris wheel and biggest ferris wheel. Ferris wheel is a great attraction to kids and adults. It is popular with people all the time in amusement park, carnival. At the same time it is regarded as a new type of amusement park rides. Mini ferris wheel rides are mainly suitable for kids, and also parents can play with their children together. Ferris wheel is the modern-shaped, unique decorated, and reliable safe fairground ride. It has colorful and cartoon, strong central pillar, which looks like one cute windmill from the far point. The ferris wheel has anti-rust steel fence and top to protect people’s safety. It can rotate 360 degrees around the horizontal axis in the circular orbit for vertical movement. In such way, the ferris wheel runs and the cars keep upright by gravity. Riders can have a good view for the surroundings, and enjoy the happiness! It has a good advantages to big capacity. The biggest ferris wheel can ride more people in cabins.

Giant ferris wheel

The ferris wheel is famous for its beautiful appearance, high quality, excellent technology and long service life. The ferris wheel ride is a biggest ferris wheel whose height is lower than 30 meters. it become more and more popular among kids. So we also call it the biggest ferris wheel. It just like a huge but cute windmill from the far point sight. And we can see this kind of kiddie ride at the amusement park, kiddie parks, Children’ s palace. and other funfairs. It is easy to install and move. And the rotating speed, number of cabins can be changed according to the client’ s request. Because if its smaller size, mini ferris wheel is a perfect indoor ride for kids. The biggest ferris wheel is a kind of modern ride and family ride in amusement park. Passengers and little kids can have a ride on this modern-shaped, beautiful decorated, and enjoy themselves with a 360 degree view. Its performance is superior to the vintage big Ferris wheels. The safe can be guaranteed. Generally speaking, each of the small cabin of the Ferris wheel can take 4 people at a time.

The giant ferris wheel is a perfect family ride that parents accompany the kids. Not only possessing superior performance, but also fresh modeling, gorgeous lamp decoration, the ferris wheel sets off a cozy and romantic atmosphere of happy family. So nowadays the ferris wheel is more popular with people.