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fun fairground rides

fun fairground rides

Funfair rides are divided into different type. It includes kiddie rides, popular rides, water ride, bumper car, arcade machine. The kiddie rides: mini ferris wheel, mini roller coaster, mini frisbee ride, leswing car, samba ballon ride, jellyfish ride, frog hopper ride. Popular rides: swing rides, pirate ship ride, tea cup ride, octopus ride, tagada ride, ferris wheel, frisbee ride, amusement train, trackless train. Arcade machine: racing arcade machine, cinema equipment.

Amusement train and trackless train are more popular amusement rides in funfair. I want to introduce the amusement train and trackless train for you. Here are some descriptions as following.

Amusement park train, also called kids electric train, refers to a mechanical toy composed of a locomotive, a line of track and several carriages for kids to sit. The park train intimates real train and train track is made from regular steel rail. The vehicle is started by assembled current cabinet which inputs current to rail, and train model can be customized at one’s will. As a stunner in amusement park, fairground and shopping mall, the amusement train always attracts kids and adults’ attention instantly. To begin with, the locomotive guide rail automatically controls the traveling direction. Radar introduces minimum clearance distance induction of ultrasonic wave to avoid collision. In addition, body restraint is adopted for children because they are lively and active. Finally, wide vision of tourists is considered. Vehicle body and inside selects proper color, that is, it gives visitors a delectable feeling.

Trackless train is a kind of popular amusement park train usually applied in theme park or shopping mall. It usually consists of a locomotive and several train carriages which are connected by a hinge. And each carriage is mounted with four pneumatic tires without track for running. A commander can drive the locomotive to drag tourists in the following carriages on cement road, asphalt road or indoor playground. As a amusement equipment and amusement ride , trackless train is a perfect choice for visitors who expect more fantastic scene or are reluctant to walk due to tiredness. In addition, they are an important tourist attraction due to special shapes and passenger-carrying functions. As we know, children are the main participants of electric trackless trains due to curiosity and imagination. However, adults also can sit in the carriage to relax themselves.