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Crazy Bounce Car Ride TTC01

Crazy Bounce Car Ride TTC01

  • Model: MB12Q
  • Materials: 0.55 mm PVC
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Power: 12kw
  • Load: 12 riders
  • MOQ: 1pc
  • Warranty: 1 years

Crazy bounce car is popular amusement ride in amusement park. This amusement ride is suitable for kids and adults. The bounce car is used in amusement park, theme park and funfair.

Crazy bounce car ride is a kind of children amusement equipment which is controlled by the different fixed program include waves, alternate rise and fall, etc. There are 6 arms, and 4 seats on each arm. The passengers will rotating and ups and down with the arms when the rotating machine start to move. People will attracted by jumping machine, and enjoy the happiness and exciting. Rotating bounce is made of fiberglass reinforced plastics, it is equipped with gorgeous lighting, great music, Non-fading and durable painting. The whole designs in updated cartoon figures and colorful painting make kiddie play merrily and enjoy great happiness. It is operated by a control box. When the ride works, the players rotate along the long track and feel that they are experiencing a wonderful travel.

Crazy bounce car

Rides are on the self control bounce car, they will enjoy the ride freely. Riders will not only can rotate along with the bounce machine fairground ride, but also they can revolve with another two cabins which are installed on the same arm. As the rotary octopus ride is spinning, each cabins also can move up and down freely. Riders on bounce machine will feel like you are flying in the sky. It is very interesting and funny! With the novel design and rich experience, the bounce machine for sale is very safe. And that the ride is quite suit for the theme parks and carnivals.

There are some features of the crazy bounce car. The crazy bounce car for sale is suitable for the kiddie and family. The seat will be moving up and down and turn by itself while the ride is running. The design of appearance is unique. The color and shape of the chair can choose as you like. The bounce machine is equipped with advanced great music, positioning, gorgeous lighting, and timing functions. It is made of Sand-blasting cleaned steel rails and tubes, polished, glass fiber, stainless steel fixing accessories, non-fading and durable colorful design.

This amusement machine bounce car rides is a new kind of amusement equipment with advanced bounce technology. It can bring riders an unforgettable ride experience. This amusement equipment is greatly appreciated by children and adults.